I have tried to write this post twice and each time Tumblr has deleted it. I am trying one final time.

I am 37 yrs old. Do I want to have a baby or not? This is a question I ask myself time and time again.

I am an artist. I am independent and creative and intelligent and I love making things. It…

This is, more or less, where I’m at, just about to turn 34, though honestly for me the conflict isn’t as much about being an artist+mom as it is about the fact that I can’t find a partner who understands my need to be both artist and, eventually-soon, a mom. Every year I say, this is the year I’ll figure out who I’m having babies with. Every year I fail to find this person; though I’m having beautiful romances in the meantime they are not with serious partners who want to be co-parents with me. I’ve been told I’m shopping in the wrong market, that people in SF don’t want kids and people in NYC do, for example, but SF is my permanent home.

this is the real talk and it’s very personal and I haven’t blogged about personal things in years but I think I need to be brave about sharing the difficult stuff now.

Beauty Queen Autopsy Kickstarter Now Up!!


Beauty Queen Autopsy is a joint collaboration between Caustic’s Matt Fanale and Unwoman’s Erica Mulkey.  It is one of the most unique sounds I have heard in years and both of their EPs on bandcamp are worth a download and listen.

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"I don’t typically watch “highbrow TV” per say. But I will say, as a transgender woman it can be pretty disappointing or at least annoying when I watch a brilliantly written show like 30Rock or Bob’s Burgers and then the onslaught of “tranny hooker” jokes come pouring in. I’m all for irreverent comedy, and I’m not even so much offended as a trans person as much as I’m offended by the stale material. I just feel like the “tranny hooker” thing is a little hack at this point. It feels very ’80s."

— Bailey Jay, (via zerosociety)

On November 2, 2011 my contribution to Oakland’s General Strike was cello music. The words to this song are from Voltairine de Cleyre's final poem. (a studio version of this song is free, here) (Later that night folks took over the port and I felt serious protest FOMO so I made sure not to be encumbered with my cello for the port shutdown that December.)

I was at an anti-police-violence/Ferguson solidary march last week — the third political action I’d attended in one week (and also in probably a year, eek) — and everyone was agreeing, this energy reminded them of when Occupy was happening. People are so much more likely to get in the streets and rise up when they know they’re not alone. Well, I’ll be there, friends. 

"Uncurse us the land"


Photo by Matt Norris


Photo by Matt Norris


Here are the stories on my new album, #QuestionBedtime.

Start Over
based on Red Riding Hood

feat. Jean Grae
based on The Story Of The Three Bears

Two Dreamers
based on The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through A Dream

I Can See
feat. Adam WarRock and Sole
based on The Emperor’s New Clothes

Mornings Come & Go
feat. Marian Call
based on The Mastermaid

Much Chubbier
feat. Open Mike Eagle
based on Three Billy Goats Gruff

feat. Kid Koala and The Protomen
based on The Youth Who Went Forth To Learn Fear

Devil In The Attic
feat. mc chris
based on The Ugly Son

Chisel Down 
feat. Busdriver and John Roderick
based on The Stonecutter

feat. Parry Gripp
based on Wakjakaga’s Anus Guards The Ducks

Spot illustrations by Sierra Murphree

Album’s out AUGUST 26th.

Tour starts AUGUST 19th!

I play cello on 2 tracks on MC Frontalot’s new album. It’s terrific!


I’ve been listening to a ton of instrumentals and soundtracks this year, and the instrumental version of unw0man's new album came out today, and it's absolutely perfect. If you like cellos and gloom and romance and clanky things, you need to own this. 

Oh, and the whole thing is only $2 (or more! spend more), and the normal version with words and singing and stuff is only $1. You should go buy both.

The tumblr bandcamp widget won’t let me set anything besides track 1 as the starting song if I link the whole album, so go ahead and make sure you listen to track 12, Long Long Shadows. It’s my favorite.


Gods of the World! Their mouths are dumb!
Your guns have spoken and they are dust
But the shrouded Living, whose hearts were numb,
have felt the beat of a wakening drum
Within them sounding — the Dead men’s tongue —
Calling : “Smite off the ancient rust!”
Have beheld “Resurrexit,” the word of the Dead,
(Words of the dead)
(Written in red)


Open the prisons and make men free!


Happy album release day to Unwoman, whose words and music continue to awe and inspire me. This album is her most impressive work to date.

Some of the things you will find in these songs are: fallen empires, regicide, distance, attraction, and repulsion all wrestling with each other on planets near and far, all wrapped up in gorgeous layers of cello and vocals. This song is about falling in love in Chicago, and it makes me ache in the best way possible in anticipation of the loss of some things and the gaining of others.

we walk on a warm night down your block

always with arms or eyes or lips locked

we are the worst at hello and goodbye

that heavy feeling, tomorrow I fly.


For anyone who hasn’t heard her, I recommend listening to Unwoman! She has an amazing voice

why thank you!



For anyone who hasn’t heard her, I recommend listening to Unwoman! She has an amazing voice

why thank you!